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Service is our game...chili dogs are our fame. We guarantee you will love the service as much as the sauce. 


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the beginning...

Who doesn't love a good chili dog and great diners with incredible atmosphere. Chili Dogs are Messy, sloppy but oh so yummy. The sauce is and that is where it all starts. Add to it a steamed bun, onions and a single stripe of classic yellow mustard and suddenly your chili dog becomes heavenly. Add to that a cause and a purpose and holy mess, it starts to get good. Take the time to read our restaurant reviews on our Facebook site. Dine in or Take Out...we have a drive thru.

Holy Hot Dog was created by a business man and philanthropist, who wanted to make lunch pay back. Americans spend a fortune on eating out and honestly if some of that spend went back into worthy causes, our communities would benefit greatly. So he thought, "what if there was a place where you go for lunch and it automatically gives a portion of your spend back to the support network of  non-profits you support." So there it started, the simple hot dog just became holy and Holy Hot Dog was born.

Holy Hot Dog is now open in Warren / Howland, Ohio at 1913 Niles-Cortland Road (RTE 46), right next to Katies Korners Ice Cream.

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